Occasionally an infection can develop or persist after root canal therapy. If this occurs, revision (retreatment) of the root canal may be required. If revision therapy is not successful in eradicating the infection, it may be necessary to surgically remove the infected root tip(s) or apex and the surrounding tissue. This procedure is known as apical microsurgery or an apicoectomy.

Before the procedure, a thorough examination and diagnosis will be performed. On the day of surgery, local anesthetic will be administered and an incision will be made to gain access to the infected area. The entire procedure is done using an operating microscope with fiber optic lighting. Once the infected area around the apex is cleaned, the tip of your root will be resected and sealed.

After the procedure analgesic and/or antibiotic medication may be prescribed. Occasional bruising, minor swelling or transient numbness may occur. We will monitor your status the day of and day after surgery and follow your progress until healing is complete.

Your safety and comfort during all phases of treatment is a priority of our team.