Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing a dental emergency and require immediate attention, please call 914-241-1177 and our staff will address your emergency.  If it is after hours, please call 914-241-1177 and follow the prompts to be connected to one of our doctors on call.

When you arrive at one of our locations, the staff will greet and seat you in our waiting room. You will have to fill out some paperwork. We will examine you as quickly as possible. Our typical wait time is 15 minutes.

As with a first visit to many new medical practices, on your initial visit to an endodontist you’ll complete paperwork, which will include your medical history and consent forms. Prepare for your visit with a list of all prescription and over-the-counter medications you take, information on your medical history including any prior dental health issues, and the contact information for a referring dentist.

Completed forms will be reviewed by an assistant who will take X-rays of your teeth before the endodontist sees you. Your endodontist will review your X-rays and paperwork and talk with you about your symptoms before examining the tooth in question along with adjacent teeth. Once the exam and any required tests are completed you’ll discuss treatment options and the benefits and risks associated with each so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

If you decide to receive treatment, it will be scheduled or may start immediately depending upon the severity of the problem with your tooth. Several visits may be necessary to complete the prescribed treatment. Once the procedure is completed X-rays will be taken again to determine the success of the treatment. Before, during and after your procedure you should feel free to address questions or concerns with your endodontist and the office staff.

To print our New Patient Forms and bring them to your appointment, click here.

Yes, in all of our locations, all radiographs are taken with the latest digital radiography which provides for 50% less radiation exposure then conventional X-rays.  We are also equipped with the latest cone beam technology for 3-D imaging.


If your child has a damaged tooth, your dentist may recommend a root canal.

We will work closely with your dentist to detail treatment to your child’s needs.

We work with many pedodontist to aid in your child’s treatment.

Our staff will help you with any insurance questions you may have.  If you have dental insurance our staff will maximize your coverage for any procedures performed in our offices.  Once you provide us with your insurance policy, we can verify what your specific dental plan covers giving you an estimate of your out of pocket cost.  We calculate your estimated copayment based on information provided to us by your insurance carrier.  We do our best to ensure accuracy but we do not guarantee coverage by your insurance company.

Your natural teeth are necessary in maintaining your health, well-being, and happiness.  Nothing looks, feels or functions like your natural tooth. Saving your nature tooth should always be your first choice for best health and cosmetic results.

There can be numerous causes of tooth swelling.  Severe tooth pain, swollen gums, or pain to chewing could be signs of an abscessed tooth.  If you find yourself with a swelling that is painful, a tooth that is hurts to chewing, or is sensitive to hot or cold, please call our offices.  We always allow for same day emergency appointments.

Yes, we have ample parking in front of our offices.