Our offices employ the most advanced technology available to ensure patient comfort and predictable success. 

With over 200 combined years of experience, our doctors tailor treatment to the needs of the patient and the specific anatomy of the tooth being treated. There is no “one size fits all” cookbook approach to treatment in our offices.

Instrumentation: Our doctors choose between Profiles, Protapers, Brassier Sequence, Wave One and Light Speed rotary instruments in combination with hand filing to completely debride the pulp canals and produce biologically sound clean canals ready for obturation.

Irrigation: The choice of irrigant and irrigation techniques are also made to fit the particular canal length, coronal diameter and working width. We employ sodium hypochlorite, Qmix 2 in 1, Chlor-XTRA, EDTA and/or chlorhexidine. Sonic. ultrasonic and negative pressure irrigation techniques are available for irrigant delivery.

Digital Radiography: The digital radiographs taken in our office utilize an advanced non-film computerized system. This technology uses a special sensor to reduce x-ray levels by up to 80% from film based dental x-ray systems. The digital images are stored in our computer network for easy access and communication with the restorative dentist or other members of the dental team via printed report or digital transmission.

Surgical Microscope: Our offices are equipped with surgical microscopes employed for apical surgical procedures and or conventional endodontics. The magnification and fiberoptic illumination are instrumental aids during diagnostic and endodontic procedures.

Cone Beam Tomography: 3D scans are utilized when our patients require low dose 3 dimensional imaging to enhance diagnosis or treatment.

Ultrasonics: Used to aid in finding calcified canals, remove posts, activate irrigants and prepare apical retrocavities. Ultrasonics has proven to be a key element in endodontic surgery, retreatment and conventional endodontics.

For your protection, all instruments are heat sterilized or disposed of after use. All treatment rooms are thoroughly disinfected in between patients. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards of office cleanliness and sterility.