Sometimes it is necessary to retreat a root canal tooth because of a persistent infection. Most cases are caused by inadequate or incomplete prior root canal therapy, complicated canal anatomy or contamination with oral bacteria through a leaking restoration. Our team is experienced in retreatment procedures, and can usually return your tooth and surrounding tissues to health.

Once we perform an examination, treatment options will be explained. If retreatment is the option of choice then we will reopen your tooth and remove the previous root canal filling materials. We will carefully retreat the root canals and evaluate your tooth using a special operating microscope along with digital radiography. Once your tooth has been cleaned and shaped, we will place filling materials into the canals to seal the root canal system.

Postoperatively, your general dentist will place a new restoration or repair your current restoration. Possible complications from this procedure are similar to those in the original endodontic procedure.

Endodontic Retreatment